Marjorie Podraza Stiegler M.D.Physician, author, speaker, consultant.  

I’m a Harvard-trained physician, patient safety expert, student of decision psychology, and healthcare social media strategist.  I’m a cognitive science enthusiast, often focusing on bias, decision defaults, and leadership neuroscience.  This work has enriched my practice, and if you’re reading this, I hope it resonates with you as well.  We could all use a #nudge from time to time.


I write and speak around the globe on:

  • Psychology of medical decision making and medical error 

  • Patient safety and medical errors (check out my book!)

  • Difficult communication and leadership

  • Public speaking and presentation skills

I also offer training on social media for physicians and healthcare leaders. 


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What people are saying: 

“Absolutely floored. Wow.”

“I declare myself a fan. Loved your talk @MedX”

“Fascinating, engaging…you are in for a treat!”

“Best session ever”

“Riveting”  “One of the best speakers in the U.S.” 

“She hit everyone between the eyes…as captivating in front of 12 people as she was with 120.”

“Packed house, very compelling, one of the more interesting talks I have ever heard.”

“Fabulous presentation, dynamic speaker, awesome!”

“Very strong leader, compelling, held attention. Great content and facilitation of audience participation.”

“One of the best sessions I attended…make it longer!”

“I was overwhelmed by the obvious expertise…just outstanding – design, execution, learning.”

“You left me wanting more.  Where and when do you [speak next], and can I come?” 

“Had my total attention.  Excellent thought provoking presentation.”

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This blog is a resource for thinking about the topics I’m passionate about – patient safety, medical decision making, and enhanced physician leadership.  Just as my tweets and other social media posts do not necessarily indicate endorsement of the content, I sometimes write about things that are simply thought-provoking.  My writing here is not connected to and does not represent the views of any employer or client.  And of course, nothing on this blog is intended to be medical, legal, or other professional advice.