Adult Learning Theory

  • Focus on Education in Anesthesiology

    By Marjorie Stiegler on January 2, 2014
    This month, the premier journal of our specialty has a special issue dedicated to education. Although the majority of anesthesiologists are in private practice, and not actively involved in education or academics on a daily basis, the editor makes a case for the importance of this issue for anesthesiologists everywhere...
  • What is an “adult learner” in medical education?

    By Marjorie Stiegler on June 1, 2013
    Despite that they look younger and younger with each passing year (to those of us getting older and older), medical residents are clearly adults. But are they “adult learners”? Should we treat them as such? This interesting question was raised at the Society for Education in Anesthesia Meeting– a meeting dedicated to educational theory and best ways to teach the […]