Stanford MedicineX Live Tweeting – Good or Bad?

By Marjorie Stiegler on September 29, 2015 in Health Policy, Medical Education, Patient Safety and Quality

According to, Stanford’s Medicine X conference #MedX had an incredible reach of  nearly 219 million impressions and over 56,000 tweets in the past ten days.

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But, controversy remains about whether it is OK to tweet a speaker’s slides without proper attribution.  Many attendees snap photos of slides and live tweet the content, but without knowing speaker’s twitter names, and without express consent to disseminate the actual intellectual creation, the question remains:  is tweeting slides a DO or a DON’T?  Are there best practices and rules of engagement?  Cast your vote below, and include your comment about how to best give credit, or whether that is even necessary.




  1. Author
    Marjorie Stiegler September 29, 2015 Reply

    As a speaker, I love it when my work it shared. Also, I include my twitter name on all slides, so there is no problem with attribution or credit. Hopefully the tweeter will also tag me!

  2. Matt "Mookie" Thayer September 29, 2015 Reply

    Not really a question for a public event like #MedX. The entire show was live streamed. Anyone could see the slides as they were presented live. Other events/organizations may not want to share their data but that should be stated prior to the event and reiterated by the presenters that wish to keep their data psudo-private. I believe data presented publicly in a public forum should be free to use as long as it’s author is cited.

    • Author
      Marjorie Stiegler September 29, 2015 Reply

      Thanks Matt! Agree that it should be cited, though it often is not on twitter. And, I view streaming slightly differently because you can see the speaker, so the “author” or “owner” of the content is clear. MedX actually had a large number of sessions that were not streamed, except perhaps by attendees on periscope, etc. Many of those presentations had slides/streams pop up on twitter. Thank you for commenting and voting! Looking forward to seeing the discussion.

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